Today our recreated group of Claus' Rangers portrays what life was like as Indian Department officials, liaisons, rangers, civilians, distaff, and Loyalist Refugees.

Most of Claus' members have started in other mainstream units, but the will to improve  and the attraction  of the impression(s) we do, led us to join together so we could enjoy living history experiences that more accurately reflected the true nature of 18th century life. 

Our overall goal is to learn more about the men and women who fought and suffered through the "War of Independence" and we believe that the only way to do this is by emulating them to the best of our ability with our equipment, our portrayals, and our actions.

Upcoming Event's
  • POSTPONED - June 20th-21st  - Battle at Herkimer Homestead (Herkimer Home)

  • POSTPONED - July 18th-19th - Defiance and Independence (Fort Ticonderoga)

  • August 1st-2nd - Claus' Ranger's Members Weekend

  • August 15th-16th Battle of Bennington - Wallsoomac, NY

  • September 5th-6th - Soliders atop the Mount - Mount Independence - Orwell VT

  • September 19th-20th - Raid on Township No.1 - Monterey, MA

  • POSTPONED - October 17th-18th - Raid on Ballstown NY - Ballston NY / Charleton NY

  • December 4th - Christmas at Johnson Hall - Johnstown, NY

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